Armistead never pursued her romantically and it never got in the way of their friendship, but he does give her his family Bible (an intensely personal possession) before joining the Virginia forces. breakdown in the novel during his own death is that he fears Mira receiving the terrible news of her husband’s (Hancock had been wounded in the battle, but survived) condition.

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Still, so long as they are all objectively voting on which films excelled in their categories, then it doesn’t matter what their race and ages are, right? Well, that’s provided the voters actually see the movies they are voting for something that Academy members have frequently admitted to totally not doing.

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He’s capable of traversing from room to room, regardless of whether you’re looking at the monitors or not. Punny Name: Eyesaur Scare Chord: It’s used in both games, but more frequently in the second whenever the characters peek into the room. Shout Out: Several, including to its inspiration, Five Nights at Freddy’s, with a Freddy head mounted on the wall in the second game. You can even honk its nose. When you look at the camera and see the Beaver doing his “business”, his newspaper has a Markiplier symbol.

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