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An astable 555 can give you a blinking LED without a

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Replica Bags Well, to put it generally, any circuit that involves the low speed oscillation between the off and on states. (This is called astable mode and is the most common use for a 555). An astable 555 can give you a blinking LED without a microcontroller, it can generate tones, it can be used for poor man pulse width modulation. Replica Designer Handbags They are just one of those ICs that can find work in many places. The Wikipedia page gives you a really great breakdown of them. Like I said, astable mode is by large the most common use, but they do have other modes and uses. Here is the newbie guide I read when I was learning about 555s. There are some good sample projects. Oh, and I almost forgot, the best place to get any electronic components would have to be eBay. Hong Kong and Thailand pretty much give this stuff away! Have fun! :)PPS. Since you asked for an example, I once made a gag gift for a friend. Backstory: his car is craptacular and we joke that any security system would only increase the chance of theft since that security would be the most valuable part of the vehicle. So, I threw together a small, blue, blinking LED device to simulate the engine immobilizer indicator on newer vehicles. If you check out the calculator link, use.330 for R1 (330 Ohms) and 1.2 (1200 Ohms) for R2 as well as 3600 uF for the capacitor. You see it has a duty cycle of about 4 seconds high and 0.8 seconds low. Since it is easy to sink as well as source current from a 555, it was simple to invert the waveform so that my LED spent 4 seconds off, and then quickly blinked for 0.8 seconds Replica Bags.