Dec. 2017

Barber is developing into a very solid linebacker

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the sad price of fame

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aaa replica designer handbags A: Fleck is confident that Winfield, who reinjured his left hamstring during the first quarter of the Sept. 30 game against Maryland, would qualify Designer Replica Handbags for a medical redshirt if they chose that route. The key word there is NCAA rules say that a player can apply for medical hardship waiver and gain an extra year of eligibility if the season ending injury occurs before the second half of the season, and the player hasn played in more than three games or 30 percent of the schedule, whichever is greater. Winfield has played in 13 quarters, or 27 percent of the Gophers 48 quarters this season. So, he is under that 30 percent mark. What interesting is that the Gophers have continued to list Winfield as a starter on the weekly two deep lineups, which are subject to change. I say that a case of subterfuge. Fleck philosophy of sacrifice something you want now for something you really want later would seem to apply to Winfield. The Gophers have been successful in keeping the redshirt on freshman offensive tackle Blaise Andries, who is listed as backup at both left and right tackle. That means he could be the next to lose a redshirt if there are injuries at that position. The next candidate on defense to lose a redshirt could be cornerback Rey Estes, with that position very thin. Fun to watch. Barber is developing into a very solid linebacker, and he has double figures in tackles in the Gophers four Big Ten games. Celestin raves about Barber growth in the mental side of the game, such as film study. He got a great future ahead of him. But you never know. could surprise us. aaa replica designer handbags

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