Dec. 2017

EnvironmentEast Ayrshire Council set for bin shake up as they

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KnockOff Handbags Michael Gove’Appalling’ Michael Gove apologises after ‘clumsy’ Harvey Weinstein joke on Radio 4 sparks outrageListeners hit out at the Tory minister after he suggested that being interviewed by presenter John Humphrys was like “going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.Stirling CouncilStirling Council halt plans for changes to recycling centre dumping for van driversFrom Tuesday (October 24), drivers wishing to use a van or twin axle trailer to transport rubbish to the site were warned they would have to pre book at least two days before their visit.GallowayNew approach to long running HGV traffic problem near historic Corn Mill in New AbbeyHistoric Environment Scotland who run the popular tourist attraction have called two public meetings.EnvironmentOAP warns falling ‘logs’ near East Kilbride school are putting kids in perilNan Papple says the debris from rotten trees near Kirktonholme Primary School is an accident waiting to happen.Irvine NewsIrvine nectar network given boost from golfing bodyThe R have provided support to enable the group to appoint an ecologist.EnvironmentSleepless Ayrshire woman driven to distraction and forced to sleep in her car thanks to windfarm rowPat Spence is begging ScottishPower Renewables to do ‘the decent thing’ and buy her out of her home after she claims windfarm noise became unbearable.PerthshireWork to start on popular pathGroup receives funding to improve areaSouth Lanarkshire CouncilCouncil approve controversial plans for 42 homes in FerniegairNine objections to the proposal were lodged with planners.Stirling CouncilLabour councillor brands glass bin collection cutback complaints a ‘non story’Angry locals took to social media and contacted the Observer by phone and email after discovering the change posted on Stirling Council’s website, many of them by chance after checking why their boxes had not been emptied.EnvironmentEast Ayrshire Council set for bin shake up as they push ahead with recycling drive by introducing ‘innovative’ trolleyThe council hopes the new system will make it even easier to recycle and will stop waste being sent to landfill.GallowayDalbeattie Angling Association fears for the future amid concerns plug could be pulled on town’s reservoirAngling association chairman Will Marshall claims Scottish Water are considering decommissioning the site, which is an important facility for the townNicola SturgeonNicola Sturgeon’s keynote speech: Five things we learned from the SNP leader’s conference addressThe First Minister delivered her annual address to delegates in Glasgow today and pledged her party will ‘always’ make the case for independence.PerthshireCouncil to back bottle return planSupport for Sturgeon’s ‘deposit’ systemCumnockCumnock is sparkling once again as neglected town brightened up by dedicated volunteers hailed as local heroesThe town’s Action Plan Group have worked tirelessly to improve the town and have been recognised by Clean Up Scotland for their efforts.Police Scotland’Human waste’ reportedly dumped in the River Nith at Dock ParkCaravan owners have been seen by local resident James Reeve dumping sewage into the Nith which has been called “disgusting”.PerthshireWater issue put in the spotlight at poultry farmOverflow pond cited as possible problem by site neighbourAnimalsScotland first to back ban on wild circus animals as MSPs vote unanimouslyThe bill has passed an initial vote and if passed, would make Scotland the first part of UK to enact such a ban.Irvine NewsIrvine and Kilwinning MSP welcomes outright fracking ban in ScotlandRuth Maguire gave her full backing after it was announced that the current moratorium will stay in place indefinitely KnockOff Handbags.