Dec. 2017

Falling in Love Montage: In Episode 4 with both Yandere Joey

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wholesale replica designer handbags Disproportionate Retribution: In episode 1, when a bird takes Lily’s Joey plushie, her reaction is to stab it to death with her halberd. The Everyman: Joey Johnson. Falling in Love Montage: In Episode 4 with both Yandere Joey and Lily. Fiery Redhead: Lily. Getting Crap Past the Radar: “It’s that time of the month again! It’s Weapon Evaluation Time!” Insane Troll Logic: In Episode 4, Lily rationalizes that Joey thinks she’s cheating on him with her dolls, then throws away her Joey plushy in disgust. Meaningful Name: Really? Lilith Madlove? Who has that kind of name? Medium Awareness: In Episode 6, Joey complains about how the show started using a Fourth Wall Mail Slot format instead. The Narrator changes it back. Narrator: With a dumb accent. He eventually gets it removed in episode 7. No Fourth Wall: A trademark of the series. Post Modernism: It’s a completely self aware series about the Yandere trope. She is Not My Girlfriend: Used by Joey in the Pilot and Penelope in Episode 6. The narrator seems to think Joey and Penelope are a couple. Shout Out: Plenty. In Episode 1, Lily goes “Bingo! Bye bye!” after killing Penelope in an example. Later, in another example, she kills Joey, and it plays the death music from Kirby. Lily’s Evil Laugh is from Rena Ryuugu. In Episode 4, a bookshelf contains Fifty Shades of Grey and Diamond in the Rough (Touhou). In Episode 5, the narrator mentions that Penelope’s drink is poisoned. with poison! This Is Gonna Suck: At the end of Episode 1, after the narrator says Joey can’t run away. Weapon of Choice: For Lily, her halberd. What the Hell Is That Accent?: The narrator with a dumb accent. In Episode 7, he gets it removed. White Void Room: Usually when a character is talking to the Narrator. Why Don’t You Just Shoot Him?: Multiple examples. Episode 4 reveals why Joey can’t merely just go Yandere for Lily. Episode 7 focuses on why fixing a Yandere is a bad idea. A literal Meta example: Comment: Why Joey doesn’t kill her with a gun or something wholesale replica designer handbags.