Jun. 2013

Filling Christopher Lee’s cape as Dracula was John Forbes

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Still, so long as they are all objectively voting on which films excelled in their categories, then it doesn’t matter what their race and ages are, right? Well, that’s provided the voters actually see the movies they are voting for something that Academy members have frequently admitted to totally not doing.

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Designer Fake Bags Backstory: Worlds collided when England’s Hammer Films and China’s Shaw Brothers joined forces for Roy Ward Baker and Cheh Chang’s “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires,” a horror/martial arts hybrid with an “Indiana Jones” feel. Peter Cushing again played vampire hunter Van Helsing. Filling Christopher Lee’s cape as Dracula was John Forbes Robertson (above), who, in his brief time on screen, delivered a decidedly campy Dracula, heavy on the red lipstick and theatrical tone. Designer Fake Bags

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