Dec. 2017

He added: “It’s a catalogue of sexual harassment

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Designer Replica Bags And it cuts across party divides.”Multiple sources said it was a longstanding problem that was only now being talked about in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has rocked Hollywood.They said official complaints had not been lodged because the behaviour of the MSPs was accepted as routine.’Harvey Weinstein raped me’ Sopranos actress claims shamed producer attacked her at her homeAnother female MSP added: “I’ve heard stories that are horrific and haven’t been reported because women are scared of not being believed or it having an impact on their career.”None of the politicians spoken to by the Record were aware of sex assaults but they had all heard of cases of sexual harassment.The claims back up allegations by human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar that women at all levels of the Scottish Parliament have been subjected to harassment.Anwar said he had spoken to “a number of women” over the past two years about their treatment by men at Holyrood.He added: “It’s a catalogue of sexual harassment, stalking, social media abuse, sexual innuendos, verbal sexual abuse, touching, sexual assaults, requests for sex, cover up, isolation and bullying.”I have spoken to several individuals who have been subject to sexual harassment This is not just a problem for one party. Designer Replica Bags

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