Dec. 2017

He said: “The two individuals were very drunk but they have not

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replica hermes belt The delay was then said to have been made far worse by the fact that some passengers decided to leave the train for a quick breather, forcing the border force to conduct checks of all 770 passengers after the incident. According to some witnesses on the train, members of Eurostar staff had opened the doors.”The train was no longer watertight. Other people could have got on board,” said a spokesman for the French rail operator SNCF.The process took around four hours. One passenger said people passed the time playing table football.A spokeswoman for Eurostar said: “There were two passengers that became quite disorderly on board the train.”But then Border Force requested that, because the train had stopped, all the passengers disembark and go through passport control again which is why it was delayed.”A spokesman for the Prefecture du Pas de Calais confirmed the disruptive passengers were British.He said: “The two individuals were very drunk but they have not been put in custody.”On its Twitter account it expressed its “sincere regrets and apologies” to its customers, together with a link to a compensation form.The offer failed to appease some furious passengers, who vented their frustration on social media.”9h travel time from Paris to London; arrival at 4.10am; because of a drunk and poor management,” Twitter user WBertagna wrote, along with a picture of passengers queueing in Calais to be allowed back onboard.”eurostar Train manager who opened the doors before police arrival should be fired calais stuckfor6hours nightmare worstcustomermgmtever,” wrote Celine Bayle. replica hermes belt

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