Dec. 2017

He’s also one of the few enemies to come back from the dead

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Etemon from Digimon Adventure is a Large Ham showboater with a fondness for rock and roll. (The dub takes this a step further by giving him a voice and speech style like Elvis Presley.) That said, he’s also a Perfect levelnote called “Ultimate level” in the dub Digimon, leagues more powerful than the previous antagonist Devimon, and before Agumon becomes MetalGreymon, he pounds the heroes silly in each encounter. His debut alone marks him as this type of villain, as he’s shown to be a goofy looking guy capable of destroying an entire village with a single attack while also de powering the heroes and he has got a network that allows him to observe the entire continent Server. The only reason he never manages to kill the children and their Digimon is because of a series of very bad luck rather than incompetence. He’s also one of the few enemies to come back from the dead and take a level in badass to become MetalEtemonall while rocking’ it out. Fake Designer Bags And despite the main villain of the Dark Masters’ second part is Pinocchimon, it’s MetalEtemon who kills an ally.

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