Dec. 2017

I am certainly not belittling other legends

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The balance of masculine/feminine energy (yin/yang) and 5 elements is also considered in this system, as these also reflect patterns of consciousness. Anything within this system can be accessed by connecting with the other than conscious awareness and establishing communication to identify any existing disturbances in awareness, processing, or data in the system. Input to the system is provided at different levels in different healing modalities. Subtle energy stimulation can be provided as well as herbs, acupuncture, nutrients, flower essences, gem essences, essential oils, homeopathic solutions, psychological processing, massage, chiropractic manipulation, and more. Remember all that exists is essentially consciousness so these are just metaphorical representations of consciousness patterns providing stimulus for conciousness to balance itself. One may re establish a free flow of energy through chakras and meridians by merely having an awareness of these systems and issues that need to be addressed and then focusing healing intent. All the various products in physical reality used for healing are just carriers of information available in the greater Matrix of awareness. Your mind body system reacts to the information “solid reality” is an illusion, so the homeopathic medicine and the bottle of essential oil just hold recorded data like the zeros and ones in a binary computer file if you rearranged the data these items would not have the same effect and would be different to human senses. Our senses just carry out programmed responses to form a perception of the external world for our holographic view of the density level we are experiencing. Much of the programming comes from patterns transmitted by our DNA but our own consciousness is interacting with these forms of programming and rewriting them over time to reflect our responses to our human experiences.

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Designer Replica Bags If you watch Wasim Akram on day 5 at Chepauk stadium (footage is free, go check it out), you’d probably change your mind. He was at his peak skill wise. The over in which he beat Dravid consistently with prodigious late swing before comprehensively bowling him with an absolute peach of a delivery kissing the top of off was stuff of legend. It was quintessential Wasim Akram at the height of his skills on the 5th day of a Test match. He was 13 years into his career. Slowed down a bit maybe from the raw, young Wasim, but peaked skill wise, something he himself claims. On the other end of Waqar was bowling his toe crushers. And then you click had Saqlain, the inventor of the doosra. It couldn’t get more difficult than that on the subcontinent. I certainly rate that as one of the best Test knocks I’ve ever witnessed. He did not play the attack of Wasim and Waqar when they were at their peak. This is why Wasim is not able to judge how difficult was it bowl against him. I consider Sir. Viv as the all time great mainly because of the way he dominated all kinds of bowlers and mind you that the quality of especially fast bowling in his era was better than what ST faced. You can’t sit there and tell me someone making their debut in 2000 didn’t have it as easy as someone in making their debug in 1989. I am certainly not belittling other legends. I was responding to people making a rush to judgment, elevating today’s batsmen to the status of “legends” based on modern day stats, that’s all. These type of words are thrown around too easily nowadays. There is no denying that Younis is the best when it comes to modern day 4th innings batting. The stats reveal that to us. But like the article points out, 4th innings are increasingly being played on days 3 and 4 nowadays. But to say that based on these stats, these modern batsmen are in the same league as the Laras and Tendulkars in terms of pure batsmanship, is frankly quite ridiculous. There’s a good reason why you don’t hear experts say that. Tendulkar’s career spanned 20 years. All these pacers didn’t simultaneously PLAY for those 20 years let alone playing at their peak. Pacers are not batsmen and even batsmen rarely have Tendulkar’s longevity, his rarest quality WAS to maintain that standard for 2o long years. Appreciate that without belittling other legends to prop him up. A man like Tendulkar doesn’t deserve to be made small by this talk. If batting in the 4th innings in all the time Younis played was that easy Tendulkar could have bettered Younis. Their careers coincided for a long time. Fact is he didn’t and does that make him less of a great? No it doesn’t. Admire Tendulkar’s longevity and Younis’s resilience instead of belittling them both Designer Replica Bags.