Dec. 2017

Interspecies Romance: Jonzu and his furries

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After vanquishing Dark Force and restoring order to Algol’s rogue climate control systems, it might almost seem like the game was over. Nope. Does This Remind You of Anything?: Demi asks for everyone else to turn their back to her and close their eyes while she installs a new weapons system. Chaz lampshades this with his confusion at the request. It must be stated that https://www.cheapbeltr.com this secret weapon just so happens to be installed in her chest of all places, oddly enough.

Replica Hermes Parental Abandonment: True to how sharks behave, Kenny never met his birth parents. It sometimes makes him depressed. And also the reason he became close to a baby shark he and Kat encountered in “Kenny the Dad”. Poor Communication Kills: In “Shark Shrunk”, Kat tries to be a therapist to analyze Kenny; she deduces that he has a fear of abandonment and afraid no one likes him. However, Kenny misinterprets that as her saying that nobody likes him for real. Replica Hermes

Replica Hermes Bags However, he seems not to have the same feelings for them. Bank Robbery: They help foil it (and the commissioner’s plan to silence the crooks). Batman Gambit Bavarian Fire Drill Bittersweet Ending: At the very end of the series, Lamponne organized a meeting where, for the first time, they opened up emotionally to each other. Consequently, the group decided to separate and stop their activities until further notice. Medina couldn’t help expressing his feelings, eventually he breaks into tears after telling his fellows, one by one, that he loves them. Replica Hermes Bags

Replica Hermes Belt Fan Fic: Subverted with various contests held on the forum, including: Hell’s Kitchen GTM (and 2) Survivor GTM (and 2) Failure Is the Only Option: In the Playground. It didn’t take long for a regular thread to get spammed beyond recognition by the same bunch of utter retards. Flame Bait: Some of the users. Jonzu used to be that, but he has recently calmed down. Most of the time. For the Lulz/For the Evulz: The sole existence of Playground. YMMV on which one. French Jerk: Naryar. Fun with Acronyms: GTM, RA2, BFE, AAM, SFTW, BotM and the like. Many members have this as well (GF, RFS, RS, TRB, Mr. AS, GTG). Hair Trigger Temper: Venko, ACAMS. Interspecies Romance: Jonzu and his furries. Also a good Flame Bait. Jerkass Has a Point: System32’s ‘modus operandi’, also sometimes Naryar and Badger. Large Ham: Most predominantly Naryar and Madman, who used to have ham wars. Some other people try and do it to try to look important, but they mostly get out hammed and shut up. Still not as much as MassimoV was at first, Replica Hermes though. Once an Episode: You may start to see a recurring pattern in Playground drama. Otaku: Several, most prominently 090901. Poe’s Law: There’s still no consensus on whether asbestosstar is a troll or actually genuine. Quintessential British Gentleman: Goldenfox used to act this way with every chance he got, but the act was dropped after it got annoying. Speak of the Devil: Starcore. Stylistic Suck: A staple of Thrackerzod’s tournaments. Suffers Newbies Poorly: InfiniteInertia, Pys, many former newbies. The Smurfette Principle: SOTG is the only active female member, although there have been others in the past. MassimoV has many females IRL though. The Magnificent: Naryar “The Mighty”. Thread Necromancer: Assorted, currently Helloface199. Many newbies do it. Violent Glaswegian: System32, to the point that reading his posts in a Scottish accent is mandatory. NFX and Scourge are an aversion, however. World of Chaos: The Playground. Occasionally overlaps with Crapsack World. Word Salad Humor: MassimoV. You No Take Candle: WenXiangLee, to ludicrous extents sometimes. Often seen with other users for whom English is not their first language. Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Handbags Shin’s third plane in the OVA, the F 20 Tigershark, was an advanced variant of the F 5E Tiger II (his second plane, incidentally) that never made it into production, so short of McCoy procuring the one of the three prototypes that didn’t crash, or the half finished fourth, there’s no realistic way he should have had one at a mercenary air base in a middle of nowhere Middle Eastern country. Rebuilding an F 5E into an F 20 would be an even less plausible explanation; it was an adaptation of the F 5 design, not a conversion of existing airframes Hermes Handbags.