Dec. 2017

Kazuma’s co worker and one of his more lighthearted rivals

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During the course of the show, Kazuma gets to strut his stuff in several baking tournament arcs, as well as meet a cast of wacky characters, including: Kyousuke Kawachi The idiot from Osaka. Kazuma’s co worker and one of his more lighthearted rivals. Kai Suwabara A grim faced master swordsman who took up bread making for philosophical reasons. Rival to both Kazuma and Kyosuke and the series’ AntiHero. Shigeru Kanmuri Harvard trained Teen Genius who looks to the cold hand of Science to create the world’s next Big Bread Breakthrough. Tsukino Azusagawa The Chick. Outcast granddaughter of the Pantasia chain owner. Is vying to become his heir along with her stepsisters, the annoying Mizuno and the psychotic devil in plain sight, Yukino. Kageto Kinoshita (aka the “Mushroom head” guy). Another of Kazuma’s co workers who usually gets stuck doing all of the work while everyone is off competing in tournaments. The series’ butt monkey. Ken Matsushiro Kazuma’s boss and mentor. Wears a funny Afro and has a thing for horses. (No, not that sort of a thing.) Is a MASSIVE Ham. Ryo Kuroyanagi Hard assed tournament judge with a talent for making overblown and very elaborate pun based reactions to anything he tastes. A running gag has Kazuma frequently calling him an “old man” even though he’s only 22. Spencer Henry Hok An Italian American dude all the way from California and worked at the Nagoya branch of Pantasia. Thinks he is a true blue Nagoya guy. High Quality replica Bags He shows up during the first Tournament Arc and loses to Kazuma Azuma. He returns in the second Tournament Arc as a member of Team America. Yuuichi Kirisaki owner and Manipulative Bastard of St. Pierre’s, rival of Pantasia. He looks like Gend Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion and is voiced by the guy who did the voice of Gend too. He tries sabotaging Team Japan during the Monaco Cup and hires the members of Team America to defeat them. He starts Yakitate 25!(9 in anime) as an attempt to humiliate Kazuma. He was the guy that gave Kazuma the inspiration to start Ja pan, the national bread of Japan.

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