Dec. 2017

Legion of Super Heroes (volume 3) (1984 1989)

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The Legion started as guest stars in Superman related comics. Their first appearance was in Adventure Comics in 1958. They became stars of that comic with issue 300. Adventure Comics (1962 1969) Action Comics as backups only (1969 1970). An irregular series of backups in Superboy (1971 1973), along with a four issue reprint series in 1973 titled Legion of Super Heroes (volume 1) Superboy with issue 197 became the Legion’s comic and was renamed to Superboy and/starring the Legion of Super Heroes (1973 1980). Renamed again to Legion of Super Heroes (volume 2, 1980 1984). Renamed to Tales of the Legion of Super Heroes (1984 1985). Legion of Super Heroes (volume 3) (1984 1989). Overlapped Tales for a year, and then Tales switched to one year delayed reprints of this book.

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