Dec. 2017

Nagaiah played “Valjean” in two Indian adaptations

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Hermes Replica Henry Krauss played Valjean in the 1913 movie and came back in ’33 as Myriel. Genevois, 1933’s Gavroche, was a bus driver in the ’58 version. Georges Geret took over for Marcel Bozzufi as Javert for the third part of the ’61 ’63 adaptation. In 1972 he was back: as Valjean. Chittor V. Nagaiah played “Valjean” in two Indian adaptations, from ’50 and ’72, respectively. Sessue Hayakawa also played Valjean twice, namely in ’50 and ’64. Joke or mistake example: Gino Cervi played Valjean in the Italian movie of 1947.

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