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Notably, unlike his three predecessors where they made their

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The movie contains the following tropes: Combining Mecha: the Ironmen do this in their final battle with Fourze. Fourze fights back with a Combining Mecha of his own, with the Massigler and the Powerdizer. Continuity Cavalcade: Almost every former Zodiart/AGHS student shows up to press the 40 Astro Switches to create Fusion State with The Power of Friendship. Conservation of Ninjutsu: one of the more memorable parts of the movie sees Fourze and Meteor taking on all 12 Horoscopes, having no problem taking them on (until it was down to 4, although it was less about them struggling to beat them, but more about Fourze and Meteor needing to reach the shuttle before launch), even though each individual Horoscope gave both Riders trouble in the main series itself. This probably has to do with the fact that they’re mere copies of the actual Horoscopes. Defecting for Love: played with; Inga Blink starts out as an antagonist, only because the Club is being manipulated by the Ironmen. When their true colors have shown, Inga and the Club immediately join forces, and Inga starts showing feelings for Ryuusei. 11th Hour Superpower: XVII’s Brain provides Kengo with blueprints for a new Special Astro Switch to use against the Ironmen, resulting in the debut of Fourze Meteor Fusion State. Early Bird Cameo: As expected, Kamen Rider Wizard makes his debut in this movie, fighting off the remaining 4 Horoscopes so Fourze and Meteor can hop aboard their spaceship. Notably, unlike his three predecessors where they made their cameo debut near the end of the movie, Wizard’s cameo occurs in the middle of this movie. Gondor Calls for Aid: in order to activate a new special Astro Switch, the Kamen Rider Club enlists the help of the entire Amanogawa student body to press the 40 Astro Switches in a countdown order. This includes much of the supporting cast, some former Zodiarts, and even the Big Bad. Humongous Mecha: XVII Mecha Expansion Pack: in the final battle against the Ironmen, Fourze has the Powerdizer combine with the Massigler into a tank. The rare occasion that the Powerdizer is used for such a purpose. No Holds Barred Beatdown: the Ironmen waste no time inflicting this on Gentaro (having been De Powered) and Meteor. Like most examples, pretty disturbing to watch, in universe even. Stock Footage: the scene of the shuttle launch is a repeat of the one featured in Movie Wars MegaMax, only with Stuff Blowing Up. Weaponized Teleportation: when XVII is about to fire at the Earth, Fourze uses most of his strength as Cosmic State to propel the ship through a warp drive, crashing on the moon surface.

wholesale replica bags Riding the Bomb: After Chief manages to turn off a Covenant bomb before it blows up Cairo Station, the very next thing he does is “to give the Covenant back their bomb”. By literally diving with it into a Covenant assault carrier. Right Hand vs. Left Hand: The infighting between the Brutes and the Elites leads to a schism within the Covenant which becomes basically the only hope for humanity’s survival. Sequel Escalation: It tries to amp the ante on the original, to the point Bungie struggled to finish development. Sequel Hook: One of the most infamous ones in video game history. Shameful Strip: The Arbiter’s introduction scene, as punishment for his “failure”. Shooting Superman: When Johnson steals a Scarab in the final mission, the Covenant enemies will shoot at it, despite the fact that it can’t be destroyed in game. The Missingno.: The “Gravemind” mission has the “Honor Guard Councilor”, a Zealot (gold) elite that was accidentally programmed to have a “dogmatic” voice/personality; since the level has no permutation data for dogmatic Elites, it defaults to Honor Guard armor and Ultra palette, with randomly chosen head types (most frequently the Councilor, hence the nickname). Tempting Fate: During the battle aboard Cairo Station, the Marines and Master Chief spot the Covenant fleeing from Malta Station. The station’s comms officer jubilantly cries out that they’ve won. Real bad! wholesale replica bags

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