Dec. 2017

On Saturday at Northwestern, the offense had a strong first

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“[Then] he said, ‘Gramp, I want to try 100 yards,'” Elliott said. “His very first shot at 100 yards he hit dead center, 1 inch high. That’s what I try to do. I said, ‘Wow. He’s ready.’ And when I realized he was accurate at 100, that opened up all kinds of options. It’s easy to get a deer within 100 yards. It’s very hard to get one within 50.”

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Replica Designer Handbags A: The common denominators in the three losses have been an offense that is punchless for long stretches of the games, and a bend don defense that has one bad series at an inopportune time. The offense is the bigger issue. Iowa is not running the football effectively, which is unusual, and that has made it difficult to sustain drives and keep its defense rested. Consequently, when the defense needs to make a big stand it is too often trying to do so with weary legs. On Saturday at Northwestern, the offense had a strong first quarter, but produced zero points. In the second half, the Hawkeyes gained a mere 74 yards and watched the Wildcats take a lead they couldn overcome. The defense made two bad plays on third down, Northwestern capitalized to score two touchdowns, and that was enough to win on a day the Hawkeyes couldn move the ball Replica Designer Handbags.