Nov. 2013

One of Dave’s schoolmates in an early scene is rude to Dave

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Brawn Hilda: Mother Russia is a strong, mannish Russian (well, duh) woman who’s the main muscle of the Toxic Mega Cunts. Brick Joke: A somewhat literal one: During the training montage, the female half of Remembering Tommy places a brick in a purse as a weapon. In the final fight she beats up people with said purse. A straighter example happens when we see the “sick stick” devices Mindy uses on the popular bitches, making them vomit and void their bowels against their own will. That also comes back during the final fight. The shark, and whether it’s alive or dead. Alive, as Motherfucker finds out. When Mindy leaves to go on her first date, she mentions that she can “kill a man with his own finger”. She later proves this on Black Death. One of Dave’s schoolmates in an early scene is rude to Dave, and is said to be a Twitter follower of Motherfucker. The character later shows up as one of the horde of Toxic Mega Cunts in the finale, identifiable by his haircut. Break the Cutie: Attempted by Brooke against Mindy whom she thinks is innocent and fragile. It works for that evening. Brown Note: The “sick stick” device, judging by its effects, is based on this urban legend. Bullet Time: Hit Girl after being injected with adrenaline during her fight with Mother Russia. But Now I Must Go: Hit Girl leaves New York City at the end of the film after killing some mooks with a cop’s Glock 17 while saving Dave.

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