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People who have complained about the check amount are often

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By using a rigged scale that shows less than the actual weight. By claiming your gold is of a lesser purity than is the case. By claiming a lesser number of items than what was sent in. By claiming the items were lost, and providing an inadequate amount of insurance for the shipped items. By offering a pittance compared to the actual value. If you haven’t determined an approximation of the value by taking the steps outlined above, how do you know what a good offer is? By sending you a insultingly low ball check for items sent in, with only a short time period (typically 10 days, starting with the date the check was issued) to contest or refuse the amount. This is a favorite of some of the sleazier cash for gold outfits whose ads appear on television. People who have complained about the check amount are often given 2, or 3 or even 4 times the initial amount depending on their persistence in asking for a greater amount. By charging exorbitant shipping fees to return your items if you decline their offer. By claiming your scrap gold has been melted down, even though you have refused the offer, and asked for your gold back.

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