Aug. 2013

Spit bite etching involves use of a brush to apply dilute acid

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The China Syndrome. is about corruption in the management of a nuclear power station. However the title refers to a notion mentioned in the film that a nuclear incident in California could send molten reactor core products through the barriers below them and flow downwards through the floor of the containment building perhaps all the way to China. If one looks at China and California on a map, or if you just know how gravity works, one gets an idea of the level of scientific veracity in the notion. Not that it’s meant to be taken literally.

Valentin replica 2. Burnet prepared the plate for a process in which he specializes: spit bite etching. Spit bite etching involves use of a brush to apply dilute acid to a prepared plate. The technique has many of the characteristics of watercolor. The liquid on the copper pools in beautiful and unexpected ways. Burnet comments, “The acid I use is ferric chloride; it bites with a much better, cleaner line than nitric acid. It turns black as it bites, so with spit biting you can see where you’re going against the copper color.” Burnet watched Schwartz very carefully with a stopwatch as she applied the acid. He timed how long the acid sat on the plate and wiped it off when he thought the acid had “bitten” enough. “He isn’t only watching the clock,” Schwartz says, “He is reacting to how my brushstrokes look. It’s as if I have a coach encouraging me to keep going ‘You’re doing great, that’s a gorgeous puddle of acid,’ or, ‘You need to redo that’.” Burnet then cleaned the plate and took another proof. This yielded a strong black plate with beautiful tones and the composition in place. Valentin replica

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