Dec. 2017

The group rebels against the oppression of institutionalized

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The recently held annual convocation ceremony at MDI Gurgaon witnessed as many as 530 students of the illustrious batch of 2014 16 being awarded their diplomas. The convocation ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance, Govt. of India, Jayant Sinha as the Chief Guest and Director General and CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs also widely acclaimed as the Father of Corporate Responsibility in the country; Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee as the Guest of Honour. Chairman, MDI, Board of Governors,Malay Mukherjee, welcomed the esteemed guests and stressing on how MDI has been a frontrunner in inculcating robust management capabilities for both individual and organizations, he wished the students very bestin their professional lives and also requested them to make a difference in the society and country.

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