Oct. 2013

The most commonly used methods are electromagnetics

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high quality replica handbags Since geophysics is used in the investigation of subsurface conditions, it usually involves use of non invasive procedures. Borehole logging which required drilling is an exception. Geophysics is required for both environmental and engineering projects. The study can be done for infrastructure projects like highways and bridges, dams, groundwater exploration, archaeology, civil engineering, earthquakes etc. In geophysics, data from extremely low frequency electromagnetics are converted into electrical current density and depth. The most commonly used methods are electromagnetics, gravity, ground penetration radar, magnetics, resistivity, seismic refraction, spontaneous potential and induced polarisation. The process for geophysical studies involves defining the goal or the problem to be addressed, determining the method best suited for it, identifying the size of the area to be explored for the study, deciding how the data is to be recorded, analysed and presented. The sophisticated geophysics software eases this process of data collection and reporting through graphical representation of the data and 3 D imaging. Role of petrophysics high quality replica handbags

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