Dec. 2017

The other musicians with Vince are Elvis Presley’s Real Life

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Replica Designer Handbags Bare Your Midriff: Vince’s girlfriend Sherry makes a point of asking him if he likes her outfit, which consists up top of a too small blouse fastened with one button at the sternum. Belligerent Sexual Tension: Between Vince and Sherry the actress. Sherry the snob does not care for Vince the country hick, and isn’t amused when their studio instructed dates involve Vince taking her to Knott’s Berry Farm and on a homes of the stars bus tour. But when Vince has to kiss her for a movie scene, she melts, and they start an affair. Creator Cameo: Mike Stoller is the piano player in the studio recording scene. The other musicians with Vince are Elvis Presley’s Real Life band. Hard Work Montage: Once scene has Peggy and Vince doing grunt work for their fledgling music production company, stuff going to radio stations to get “Treat Me Nice” and putting copies of their single in the record sleeves by hand. Have a Gay Old Time: “Making love to that rube won’t be easy.”. Sherry’s talking about her kissing scene in the movie with Vince. Practical Currency: Hunk has a whole trunk full of cigarettes that he uses as prison currency. Prison: How did you guess? Latter day viewers might be surprised to find that Vince’s stay in prison is barely a quarter of the film, the rest of which follows him in his music career. Romantic False Lead: Sherry, the actress that Vince is paired with when he starts a movie career. They’re an item for a while, but when Peggy shows up again Vince goes over and embraces her and Sherry disappears from the movie. Sweater Girl: Peggy, being the Betty to Sherry’s Veronica in this scenario, goes for a more demure form of Fanservice with the typical snug 1950s tops. A Taste of the Lash: Did they really flog prisoners in the 1950s? They do in this movie at least, as Vince gets five lashes for his role in a jail cafeteria riot. Weird Currency: Cigarettes are money in prison, and Hunk has amassed many cartons. While You Were in Diapers: Hunk, pissed when Vince candidly tells him that his act is too old fashioned, shoots back that “I was in show business when you were in short pants.” Eventually he gives in and accepts a job as Vince’s flunky. White Dwarf Starlet: A male example in Hunk, who clings to his modest prior success in the country music scene and doesn’t deal well with the idea that it’s passed him by Replica Designer Handbags.