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The supposedly utopian mages show their true colors when

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Replica Bags Cross Ange: The series takes place in a Bizzaro version of a classic Templar world, where the average citizen is a mage and Muggles are persecuted to heck. The supposedly utopian mages show their true colors when dealing with Norma, and even close friends and family will turn their fangs given enough time. This isn’t because all mages are born assholes, as they’re capable of compassion and understanding that erodes quickly under prejudice. The real problem is that [b]mana is a drug[/b]; Embryo designed the mages for utilization of mana, which is actually zero point dimensional energy in the form of nanomachines, with the added side effect of eroding the willpower of mages who use mana extensively. In addition, since Embryo has full control over all mana, he can force subliminal messages into mages as they cast their daily spells and unwittingly erode their willpower, turning all but the most loyal mages into xenophobic sadists, which makes mana use the main cause of all the irrational hatred in the series. Unfortunately, the mages require mana to function as a peaceful society, and devolve into raving bandits without it. Replica Bags

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