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The survivors escaped to the past and started creating

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The backstory and The Reveal of Russian novel Everyone Able to Bear Arms by Andrey Lazarchuk is about this. In the “correct” timeline there have been no wars since early 20th century, science developed rapidly and Time Travel has been discovered. Then some romantics traveled to the 4th century CE to save Mesoamerican civilizations from extermination. In the Alternate Timeline Maya have conquered the world (whether by assimilation or extermination isn’t mentioned) and greatly advanced in science and technology up to spaceships and beyond. Then in the 21st century the timelines merged and Mayan warriors amazingly competent and merciless started massacring their new neighbors. The survivors escaped to the past and started creating alternate timelines to invent something warlike and advanced enough to defeat Maya. Our world is one of the intermediate stages, the novel is set where Hitler died in a plane crash, Nazi conquered most of European USSR, abandoned racist ideology and continued arms race against Allies (Expanded States of America and Siberia) and Japan. With fist sized nuclear bombs, infrasonic cannons and Jet Pack Powered Armor by 1990.

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