Dec. 2017

They only get worse in Starbarians Episode 1

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replica handbags china Go Go Enslavement: Bustilda meets this fate. twice, once from a Sorcerous Overlord, and once from the Starbarians themselves. She even gets ballgagged for good measure. Hotter and Sexier: Played for laughs in the Stupid Statement Dance Mix “Nicolas Cage Wants Chocolate Cake”. Tea Leoni is a beautiful woman, but most people probably don’t remember her looking like a swimsuit model in The Family Man. Instead he gets impaled on a metal spiked fence. Ironically, his tux is still ruined. Insane Troll Logic: Of course, this would imply that “Stephen the Lesbian” runs off of any kind of logic. Jerkass: The eponymous. They agree to kill a dangerous beast on the planet of Mammoria in exchange for a month of alcohol, orgies, and plentiful food, because they’ll probably die on the mission. They get their reward up front, and when the month is over, they renege on their promise after exiting the capital. They only get worse in Starbarians Episode 1. It’s acknowledged In Universe in Starbarians 1.5 where they discover they’re actually ten times more wanted than the wanted criminal they aim to collect on. Lantern Jaw of Justice: Killgar of Starbarians. Dr. Bees has one as well (with a cleft), though less stylized. Large Ham: Many characters in his shorts are hammy, but the hammiest of all so far is Dr. Bees. Legacy Character: Dr. Bees is implied to have bee come one at the end of his titular animation. List of Transgressions: The Starbarians’ rap sheet, as seen in episode 1.5:Hogstrong: “Starbarians, wanted on 120 systems, for coercion, extortion, extinctions, distortions, desertions, perversions, illegal insertions, invasions of nations and space tax evasion, commotions, explosions, and loitering?” replica handbags china

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